Minions and Bananas!

We went bananas over this party and the decorations! Who doesn’t love a little yellow minion? All the kiddos went home with a either a yellow tutu, blue cape, minion bracelet, plush minion and much more.

Hole “N” One!

This little guy loves to watch golf, so his parents threw him a amazing golf party! This custom theme had a great color scheme and had fun party favors. Each child went home with their own plastic golf ball, personalized tee, golf ball sippy cup and golf visor.

Wheels on the Bus!

We had a great time decorating for this custom theme party! These twins love school buses and love singing the “Wheels on the bus” song together. So we took the song and created fun decorations and party favors. The girls all went home with a yellow tutu, pullback school bus, “wheel” yo-yo and the little book. Then the boys went home with a yellow crossing guard vest, pullback school bus, “wheel” yo-yo and little book. Everyone had a great time and we loved out the party turned out!

Wheels on the bus!

Pirates aboard!

IMG_7311 IMG_7309 IMG_7307 IMG_7306

Pirates aboard the COOP! Black and white stripped linens, fishing nets, treasure chest full of pirate loot is all you need for a pirate party. Each pirate went home with a pirate vest, eye patch, pirate sword and pirate hat. All the adults had sandwiches and salads from Market Street and Aray of Cakes make a super cute cake and cupcakes to complete the party.

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IMG_7291 IMG_7293 IMG_7295 IMG_7297 IMG_7299 IMG_7301 IMG_7304 IMG_7303

Balloons, balloons and more balloons! This was so much fun because we had such a wide variety of colors and patters we could use and they would all mesh. We did a fun balloon centerpiece, which was my favorite part about this party. We took a milk crate and then blew up balloons of all different sizes and taped them down to the crate and to each other.  All the kids went home with balloons on a stick, balloon making kit, inflatable crown, and puff balls. The adults had sandwiches and salads catered from Market Street and the kids had juice and pizza.

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Princess Caboodle

IMG_7483 IMG_7481 IMG_7479 IMG_7476 IMG_7472

This was a gorgeous and fun whole COOP & Caboodle! With all the glitter, pink shimmer fabric, gold glitter place mats, pink glass slippers, pink tutus, pink tiaras, gold wands, fresh flowers and much more; you will see how any princess would love this party! The boys were not left out as their party favors were black capes, inflatable shields and inflatable swords. The amazingly delicious cake and cupcakes came from Aray of Cakes and all the catered food came from Market Street. The adults had mini sandwiches, salad, fruit tray, multi-layered dip and chips; while the kids had pizza and pink lemonade.

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Winter Princess!


With this party we took a Winter Wonderland theme and combined it with our Princess Theme, and I turned our AMAZING! With the snow centerpiece and light up trees, pinecones, snowflakes, fresh flowers and more it was a wintery mix. The girls all got pink tutus, tiaras and wands the boys got knight costumes.

Under the Sea!


This was a AMAZING party put on here at the COOP! With this Under the Sea theme we started with the colors the client wanted and went from there. Our clients had a great eye for this party as well so we just helped them make it magical (with a COOP spin to it) and come to life. For the main table we went with our chest full of sea shells, fresh flowers and a vase with sea shells and colored water. The sweets table was actually my favorite! We started off with the little ones name in glittered paint, used risers to get the different levels and contrast and fulled everything with all the sweets. When you are having an under the sea party you must have LIVE fish at your party! So we had two small fish in cute little vases themed out for the party. The backdrop had paper fans and circles to give it a little color.

We can create a party with any theme, so give us a call when you are ready to party at the COOP!



We had a amazing party here at the COOP a couple weeks ago, as we created a Girl Superhero party. We used pink, yellow and teal as our colors and created a atmosphere to remember.

All the girls went home with a pink cape, yellow tutu, pink eye mask and lazer fingers. While the boys went home with a yellow or blue cape, blue eye mask and lazer fingers. All the decor was created here at the COOP, with the hand crafted party hats, glitter letters, birthday banner, decorative cups, and much more.

“You have a friend in ME!”

Check out this very cute Toy Story themed party we created for one Jessie loving gal!  All the girls went home with a red or yellow tutu, red bandanna and cowboy hat.  The boys all went home with a sheriff badge, cowboy vest and cowboy hat.  We focused mostly on Jessie and Woody for this party but highlighted all the characters.  

Best kids birthday in Frisco, Texas!
Best kids birthday in Frisco, Texas!
Best kids birthday in Frisco, Texas
Best kids birthday in Frisco, Texas
Best kids birthday in Frisco, Texas
Best kids birthday in Frisco, Texas

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