Under the Sea!


This was a AMAZING party put on here at the COOP! With this Under the Sea theme we started with the colors the client wanted and went from there. Our clients had a great eye for this party as well so we just helped them make it magical (with a COOP spin to it) and come to life. For the main table we went with our chest full of sea shells, fresh flowers and a vase with sea shells and colored water. The sweets table was actually my favorite! We started off with the little ones name in glittered paint, used risers to get the different levels and contrast and fulled everything with all the sweets. When you are having an under the sea party you must have LIVE fish at your party! So we had two small fish in cute little vases themed out for the party. The backdrop had paper fans and circles to give it a little color.

We can create a party with any theme, so give us a call when you are ready to party at the COOP!